Sara A. Law Memorial Award

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1. Dedication – Demonstrated dedication to the sport of girls softball, and to the Pitt County Girls’ Softball League (PCGSL), through her efforts and work habits in practices, games and in PCGSL special events.

2. Team Loyalty – Demonstrated loyalty to her team by her attendance at practices and games – a girl who puts the team before self in every instance.

3. Sportsmanship        –           Demonstrated sportsmanship (both on and off the field) by her ability to keep the game of softball in the proper perspective by being both a gracious winner or loser, and being helpful to all her teammates – a girl who slights no one.

4. Attitude – Demonstrated outstanding attitude (both on and off the field) that proves beneficial to the team concept in both practices and games, supportive of coaches which aids in her own coaching as well as understanding of her role on the team.

5. Competitiveness – Demonstrated competitiveness evidenced by sheer desire to play and never give up, hustle, enthusiasm, team spirit, and a leader on the field of play.

6. League Participation – Demonstrated support of the Pitt County Girls’ Softball League (PCGSL) by participating as much as possible in all league fund-raising activities and all other events deemed beneficial to PCGSL and girls softball, in general.





Sara Law Award Recipients


Note: Under the guidelines established for the Sara Anne Law Memorial Award,

Former recipients are not eligible for future consideration.



1995                                                    1996                                                    1997 

Katie Ball                                            Nicole Buck                                        Katie Hollman

Hannah Doughtie                                April Harker                                       Brittany Leggett

Carter Batts                                         Jessie Best                                        Morgan Batts

Kelly Grace                                         Courtney Barnhill                                Ashley Fagundas

Misty Jones                                         Casey Bland

                                                             Kelly Garner

                                                             Heather Edwards

                                                             Erica Cooke Wahlen


1998                                                    1999                                                        2000

Jessie Odom                                        Anna Roberts                                  Anna Blair Nelson

Virginia McGrew                                Nicole Nunamaker                             Lindsey Roebuck

Caroline Cooke                                   Lindsey Styons                                 Stephanie Hines

Kami Sutton                                        Amanda Nichols                                Megan Garner

                                                           Susan Branch                                     Heather Goff

                                                            Erin Roberts                                       Ashley Barnhill      


2001                                                    2002                                                    2003

Ryan Qualliotine                               Whitney Jackson                              Shannen Adams

Caitlin Wainwright                             Holly Moye                                       Taylor Hardee

Stephanie Murad                              Roxanne Wynne                               Caitlin Byrd

Reanna Riggs                                   Kensie Cobb                                     Anne W Clifton

Kelly Gaddis                                      Helen Dail                                         Dani Beres

Stacy Gaddis                                    Brandy Meeks                                   Amanda Gould

Paige Akers                                                                                                Angela Gould


2004                                                     2005                                                   2006

Madison Rowell                                  Emilee Manning                                  Taylor Burgess

Sarah Christian                                   Taylor Copeland                                 Riley Bane

Kelsey Riggs                                       Kaitlyn Anderson                                Dana Branch              

Kelly Gould                                         Katie Gould                                         Abby Wynne

Lyndsey Brock                                    Caroline Guard                                   Stephine Moore

Shelley Brown                                    Stacey Andrews                                  Tiffany Shaw

                                                            Sarah Edwards


2007                                                    2008                                                      2009

Abigayle Rowell                                 Sarah Whitfield                                 Sara Grace Nimmo

Camden Johnston                             Delane Dixon                                    Makenna Matthijs

Sarah Craft                                        Raenna Melvin                                  Madison Maloney

Deanna Whitehurst                            Lauren Moore                                   Katarina Hudson

Casey Matthis                                    Melissa Keyes                                  Sarah Langley

Mindy Trip                                         Jennifer House                                  Amy Godley

                                                                                                                    Katie Powell


2010                                                    2011                                                    2012

Leslie Harker                                     Noel Rutledge                            Kim Gurkins

Lindsey McCallum                             Ava Palmer                                Kate Lancaster

Cara Pittman                                     Emily Kirby                                 Grace Cochran                         

Caroline James                                 Morgan Shirley                          Lauren Conway                          

Donna Nimmo                                   Jennifer Shirley                          Grace Bowen

                  Rachel Rawls                             Kayla Harris

     Holly Roberts                             Morgan Davis


     2013                                                    2014                                           2015

Anna Sawyer                                      Jadyn Smith                                 Morgan Meeks

Samantha Taylor                                Carson Fleming                            Emma Adams

Abby Foster                                        Taylor Dunn                                  Kristen Hardee

Jessica Purcell

Kelli Gray Barrow

Cameron Davis

Marissa Roach

Cara Davis



Emma Rose

Cadence Pendegrass

Aubrie Jones

Holly Morrison